The Healthy Rabbits recipes

Im the healthy rabbit and welcome to my vegan blog! All my recipes are 100% rabbit free!
mall animals deserve better than how people are treating them. Join me in helping the animals and eating delicious food!🥗

Purple cabbage cups

the Healthy Rabbits recipes

  • Vegan deviled “eggs”
    It’s still spring and I’m so excited about this recipe!!! Who knew that baby potatoes cook the same way eggs do, boiled in water. this recipe was easier than I thought and came out so nice! No strange ingredients either. Baby potatoes. 1 baby potato means 2 deviled eggs. Paprika. A main in deviled eggs.Continue reading “Vegan deviled “eggs””
  • Vegan carrot cake
    Easter is almost here so let’s make some carrot cake!!!🥕🐣 My version is not too sweet and I did not include raisins because I’m not fond of them. My all time favorite cake is carrot cake. Another good reason to live it is that it’s made of carrots?! Flour. I use all purpose flour andContinue reading “Vegan carrot cake”


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Watermelon pomegranate bliss smoothie

healthy, vegan recipes that you will love!

Vegan snickerdoodles
Vegan cinnamon rolls

I am a self taught cook, baker, food stylist, nature lover, and photographer. I hope you enjoy all of my recipes as much as I enjoy making them!

~The healthy rabbit

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